Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some People

you know...there's some people who think they're all that

and they're right

they're cute. and they know it.
they know they'll get the guys.

i like those that are modest
and don't pile on the makeup
*for school
*especially on days we have PE
*and what about when we have a cross country meet and girls are in there putting on makeup for who knows why what reason?? -- although maybe they're just trying... a little too hard.

but that's okay. doesn't everyone try a little too hard sometimes??

but seriously...some girls come to school every day looking almost like this:EVERY DAY!!

(no offense Mary Kate)

but really...umm, excuse me? we're not even in highschool yet. i don't want to grow up. ... at least not that fast.

heck, I usually come to school looking like this:

okay...whatever...i don't look like taylor swift, but still. close enough.