Thursday, December 30, 2010

TIP OF THE DAY--from the Girl's Life Website. The pix are off the internet. Not mine.

Break out the glitter! It's almost NYE, which means you can get decked in super sequined pieces.


Here's some things like I have:

^^^This is at Forever 21 for $17.80
at this website:
The tank I have is kind of like this, only its pink. And mine doesn't have sequins all over, just the front. :(

^^^This also for $17.80 at Forever 21
I really like this, but don't have it.

I don't have these either:
(1. For the girl who doesn't want to go all out but still wants the shine on top...or for layering/if you have another extremely glittery element.)

^^^ This License t-shirt at Target (click here) for $6.48

^^^ This Mossimo Supply Co. tank also at Target (now click here) for only $5!

**Click here for a slightly glittery gray dress from AE. $44.50

**Here for sequined AĆ©ropostale shirts ranging all $24.50, but the sale prices being $5, $10, and $14.99. 

**At Walmart, here is a totally black sequined dress (woman's) for $13.00 but $10 in the sale (only online) and here is a red L.e.i. Girl's Irina Sequin Henley Top originally $8 but now $5.

And I'll end with a little something extra...Here's a t-shirt from Target that I saw as I was browsing:

^^^License Juniors tee from Target, for $5