Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today's outfit. 5/15/11. Even though my clock says it's May 16...*sigh*...silly alarm clock...

***Song playing now: Collide by Howie Day

^^that "same" tank top from yesterday [see Today's Outfit 5/14/11]...I're thinking Dude! That's nasty!...but I'm thinking Dude! I didn't go anywhere! I stayed in my room all day!!
And you say...Duuuude...get a life.
And I say one word: Finals. we get it...

So that...annnd.

**Song playing now: Better Together by Jack Johnson

(still on pandora)

***Who I Am Hates Who I've Been by Relient K
***DROPS OF JUPITER BY TRAIN!!!!!!!! <333333333!!!!!'s being silly and won't let me take a pic of the cardigan...that I found! And it's not even the one I'm wearing...oh well.

Mine is different...a little...the same the way it's made, only mine has ONE button at the top...and it's white.

***Iris by the GooGoo Dolls (my dad loves that one)
***Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) by Nine Days
***Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World

Noowww....maybe I can find an actual pic of this one!! My skirt!!

^^Okay....not exactly what I was looking was like that in the aspect of it having a flowery EVERYWHERE design as such. 

Aerie Printed Skirt

New ArrivalStyle: 0703-5164  |  100% Cotton


***She's So High by Tal Bachman

*Sigh*...oh wellz...maybe I can find another blue floral print look...

***Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy's's closer to the shade of mine...
***Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Charcoal/Blue Floral Skirt

Style # 063010224

It's originally from...

Gosh...there's a lot going on on my shoes: LAST PART!!

Man! This is gonna be easy! Guess why??
THEY'RE SPERRYS!!! BWAHAHAHA!! in YOUR FACE you EVIL online shopping that doesn't seem to have anything I'm wearing and trying to find!!!!
...*sigh*...I'm back...*sigh*'s harder to find mine than I we go again!
***Apologize by Kris Allen...[dude! who came up with song first?? I'm sooo confuzzled!!]

^^and thar she is!!! 
At least I'm pretty sure that's it..first..I came up with Youth Girl's..but it looked to small...I know, probably a smaller size..but whatever! 

Women's Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe


***Home by Black Lab

Okaaayyy...that's it for today!! Thanks for playing! Or not!

Last song for you!:
WAAAAHHHH!!! jk. I love this's a classic that I may not want to listen to because I want "bigger", "better", "shinier" things...but ... it is really a good song:
***Viva La Vida by Coldplay [who ROCKS BY THE WAY!!!]